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The Landmark Wisdom Course

by Eleanor on 10/27/2010 - About Me

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What if the reason your life is the way it is doesn’t just have to do with what you’re saying and doing, but also depends on what the people you spend your time with are saying and doing? How would that change your relationship to who you choose to be around and how you support them in getting what they want in life?

The Wisdom Course starts off with this hypothesis and expands massively from there. The promise of the year-long exploration is Fun, Play and Ease, and it delivers. The structure of the course is typically 5 weekends (one around every 2 months or so) with weekly check-in calls and group meetings to keep the conversation alive between weekends.

So what would possess someone to pay nearly $3,000 for a personal development course from a company whose programs are usually between $500-$800? Why have thousands of people around the world registered for The Wisdom Course?

Like all Landmark Courses, “anything you want for yourself and your life” is available out of doing the course. But the Wisdom curriculum is unique. The Wisdom Course is the first of a series of three courses, and the final course provides an opportunity for people to make and support an “impossible promise” to the world, like creating World Peace by 2014. This greater purpose gives the Wisdom course a powerful context as the first major step in being empowered to make a huge difference and affect change on a global scale.

The tone of the course is light and playful and so the brilliance of the material can sneak up on you and go unnoticed until suddenly your life looks completely different, your social circle is radically altered, and you barely recognize what’s coming out of your mouth as your own because it is so wildly different from what you’ve been saying all these years.

This is a course where, over the course of a year, people fall in love with their dream partner, have a baby, quit their career to pursue a long lost dream, move to the city they’ve always wanted to inhabit, sell all of their belongings to go explore the world, start making music again despite being told they were talentless, and so on. It is not for the faint of heart or for anyone who is unwilling to make radical changes to their lives (not everyone does, but you just never know what you’ll get inspired to do…)

The tools that are introduced each weekend really work, and can be used for the rest of your life, which adds a huge amount of value to the course. Like many other educational institutions there is a vast alumni network for the Wisdom curriculum, and that is an amazing networking opportunity, in addition to providing plenty of people with whom to continue the “Wisdom conversation.”

The course is held in multiple cities simultaneously and is led by someone with decades of training. The only prerequisite is completion of The Landmark Forum.

Personally, I wound up quitting a very successful 10-year career, selling all of my belongings, moving to a new city, getting out of a relationship that wasn’t working, getting into one that was, and my favorite part: finding myself with the most amazing, inspiring circle of friends, new and old. Not bad for a year long course, right? Powerful stuff.

Duration 1 year
Price $2900
Official Website http://www.landmarkeducation.com/landmark_wisdom_courses.jsp
Tips for success – Do all the homework. All of it!
– Go to all of the weekly meetings and take all of the calls.
– Have more fun than you think is possible during a course.
The Landmark Wisdom Course4.2857142857133Eleanor2010-10-27 01:16:40What if the reason your life is the way it is doesn’t just have to do with what you’re saying and doing, but also depends on what the people you spend…
-Landmark Education,Wisdom Course$2900The Landmark Wisdom CourseWhat if the reason your life is the way it is doesn’t just have to do with what you’re saying and doing, but also depends on what the people you spend…

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