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PSI Basic Seminar

by Holly on 05/23/2010 - About Me

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I took the PSI Basic Seminar in October of 2009. It is an introduction into the world of self-help and self-growth. It is called the Basic, because it’s just that – it is provides a basic introduction to the tools of self-exploration. The workshop begins Friday evening and goes until late into the night, and then Saturday and Sunday from very early until very late. I felt the hours were set up in a way to manipulate the participants to a place of such exhaustion as to break us down. That tactic may work for some people, but it does not work for me at all. The material the Basic covers is generic self-growth stuff, such as exploring how our parents have kept us from success in relationships, career, and wealth, and also exploring how we handle conflict, commitment, and competition.  These are all things which I had explored many times before, but the exercises and games that were used were very eye-opening and offered a renewed perspective. And it is always good to review and examine yourself and your issues. For a person brand new to the self-help/self-growth world, this seminar would be a fantastic place to start that journey.

I do not know about the training of the Leaders, but I do know that mine has been doing it for at least 20 years. I believe there are a few leaders, and I found mine to be effective in the sense that she was honest, and she cut to the chase. I had been told that these workshop weekends usually have around 50 participants, but my group was very small, around 20 people. I liked the smaller group because the teacher was able to have more personal interaction with each one of us.  In such a larger group, there would be less opportunity to have the personalized attention. It was a very well thought out and planned curriculum, with games, exercises, meditations, and so forth. I found it to be effective.

There were breaks, but few. Also, we were encouraged not to drink anything during, which I didn’t understand why, but I still had my water bottle and drank it, and nothing happened to me. Also, the time schedule was really rough, like I mentioned. This workshop is pretty much set up to encourage psychological breakdowns. One of their mottos is –“breakdown and breakthrough!” So, it can be very psychological uncomfortable. I found the best support to be fellow workshop participants, so I would encourage someone who takes this to find another participant who you feel comfortable with and really connect with them and use them for support.

My major red flag with PSI is its upselling and marketing practices. During the workshop, they basically locked us in a room for one hour and showed us a video of the next PSI course that was available, then they handed out order forms and had past students come in and talk to us about how amazing the next course is and how we have to sign up NOW. And did I mention, they locked us in the room with nothing else to do but sit there or sign up!?  With regards to its marketing in general, I heard about the PSI Basic for the first time through my ex boyfriend.  The organization does not market traditionally, they market only through its participants. In the Advanced Course, the participants have to get a certain amount of people to sign up or they “loose” (the advanced course is set up as a game). Honestly, I pretty much felt trapped into going to the Basic because my ex boyfriend was playing this game and he had to have a certain amount of people go.  In a nutshell, if I hadn’t agreed to have gone, he would have lost his game.  So, this is how the organization gets many of its Basic participants.

On the website it promises to “Attract and Achieve The Wealth, Peace of Mind, Relationships, Spiritual Connection and Health You Desire!” but for me, personally, nothing changed afterwards. Again, that could just be me though… perhaps part of the reason that I didn’t see any results after is that there is no real follow-up. The only options are enrolling in other weekend or week –long workshops, or an advanced course that lasts for a few months. I thought the price was very high for 1 weekend of review, but as I said previously, for someone who has not entered into the world of self-growth, I believe the price is worth it, as the Basic is a great introduction into this world.

Duration 4 days
Price $595
Official Website http://www.psiseminars.com/basic
PSI Basic Seminar2.785714285714Holly2010-05-23 18:36:16I took the PSI Basic Seminar in October of 2009. It is an introduction into the world of self-help and self-growth. It is called the Basic, because …
-PSI,Basic Seminar$595PSI Basic SeminarI took the PSI Basic Seminar in October of 2009. It is an introduction into the world of self-help and self-growth. It is called the Basic, because …

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