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Isha Yoga Inner Engineering

by Eleanor on 02/25/2010 - About Me

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Isha Yoga’s Inner Engineering was the very first program I ever signed up for. It was the 7-day teacher-led version of the program, which takes place on weekday evenings and part of the weekend. I knew very little about yoga, meditation, Isha Yoga, Sadhguru, or personal development work at the time, and I was skeptical and slightly concerned that Isha Yoga might be a cult. That said, one of the outcomes of the program is that participants learn a daily 21-minute seated kriya yoga practice, which was my main reason for being there – I didn’t know if I would get all that much out of the program itself, knowing as little as I did. I figured I’d learn to meditate and be on my way.

One of the things that was a concern for me before starting the class was that Isha Yoga was created by a guru. I had no context for working with a guru, didn’t know what the purpose of having one was, and was wondering if it was dangerous to be involved with any organization that had a “leader.” It sounded a bit cult-like to me. When I expressed my concerns to some friends who had taken the program, they encouraged my curiosity by suggesting I familiarize myself with Sadhguru, the self-realized mystic who founded Isha Yoga, by watching a few of his videos online, and reading Midnights with the Mystic, a book about one participant’s experience of having Sadhguru stay at her house for a while. It was all a little strange to me at the time, but after hearing him speak and reading the book, I found him to be funny and endearing, and everything he said made a lot of sense. There is certainly dogma taught at Isha Yoga, as there is with any yoga, however Sadhguru is always reminding everyone to look to their experience and not believe anything for the sake of believing it.

Isha Yoga isn’t very well known in the USA yet, but recently built an ashram in Tennessee and is hard at work establishing a presence here. Isha Yoga is a very cause-oriented, volunteer-run organization that is up to a lot of great things in the world, and takes a very low-key, pressure-free approach to its marketing and upselling practices. There is no sense of obligation to continue taking additional programs.

As it turned out, there was a lot to learn besides the kriya yoga practice. The curriculum provides participants with an expanded definition and understanding of the word “yoga” compared to what many of us consider it to be in the Western world. It gave me the basic foundation on which to build a daily yoga practice, which I never knew I needed. The content of the class resonated with me and was easy to understand and follow. There was certainly some physical discomfort from sitting in a cross legged position on a meditation cushion for long periods of time, and being asked to refrain from eating for a few hours before and during class, but this ultimately had the effect of making me more conscious of my eating habits, something I had not paid much attention to previously.

The class is taught by a teacher who has been trained intensively at the Isha Yoga Center in India for at least five years. It seemed as though teaching the class was effortless for her, and she did a masterful job of fielding questions and providing guidance when needed. The class size was fairly small, and it was always possible to get personal attention. Because the organization is completely volunteer-run, the price of the class is negligible compared to the value.

Remarkably, I managed to continue with my daily practice, and still do it to this day. This is something I had never thought possible for myself, because I didn’t think I had the discipline to keep doing it. It was way easier than I ever expected. The yoga practice has had remarkable effects on my health and well being, completely curing me of years of insomnia, sharpening my focus and attention, and opening me up to spirituality in general, no easy feat.

For this reason, I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in taking on a daily meditation/yoga practice and who feels like they relate to Sadhguru after seeing the videos or reading the book. It is a unique experience I can’t imagine anyone would ever regret.

Official Website http://www.ishafoundation.com
Duration 7 days (evenings/weekend)
Price $290
Tips for success – Bring a meditation cushion
– Bring a sweater and dress comfortably
– Follow the guidelines regarding the timing of meals
– Don’t drink too much before class
– Commit to continuing the daily practice after the class is over
Isha Yoga Inner Engineering4.1428571428558Eleanor2010-02-25 23:52:19Isha Yoga’s Inner Engineering was the very first program I ever signed up for. It was the 7-day teacher-led version of the program, which takes place …
-Isha Yoga,Inner Engineering$290Isha Yoga Inner EngineeringIsha Yoga’s Inner Engineering was the very first program I ever signed up for. It was the 7-day teacher-led version of the program, which takes place …

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