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What if the reason your life is the way it is doesn’t just have to do with what you’re saying and doing, but also depends on what the people you spend your time with are saying and doing? How would that change your relationship to who you choose to be around and how you support […]

After completing The Landmark Forum and loving it, then slogging through the Advanced Course yet finding it very valuable, it was a forgone conclusion that I would sign up for the final program in the Landmark Education Curriculum for Living, the Self Expression and Leadership Program.
This program is distinct from the first two for a […]

I was excited to take Landmark’s Advanced Course before I’d even registered for The Landmark Forum. A close friend had told me it was one of the most transformational experiences of his life, and he had participated in all kinds of self-development work, so I was sure this was going to be the magic solution […]

I took The Landmark Forum in Los Angeles, early on in my exploration of self-development programs. No one I knew was trying to convince me to go, but many of the people in my circle of friends who had taken it were up to big things in the world, like creating and running an organization […]