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Shortly after completing Bhava Spandana Program, I saw that Isha was offering their Hata Yoga program in Los Angeles. This was the first time the program had been available in the US outside of the ashram in Tennessee, and I jumped at the opportunity to participate. I had never been very interested in yoga prior […]

I liked Inner Engineering well enough but always had the feeling that I was going to love the next program, BSP. I was ready to take this yoga business even further, and here was my chance. The promise of BSP is to get a taste of what’s “on the other side” so that one can […]

Isha Yoga’s Inner Engineering was the very first program I ever signed up for. It was the 7-day teacher-led version of the program, which takes place on weekday evenings and part of the weekend. I knew very little about yoga, meditation, Isha Yoga, Sadhguru, or personal development work at the time, and I was skeptical […]