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by Eleanor on 03/22/2010 - About Me

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Early on in my exploration of self development and transformation work, I called a friend who had taken every program known to man, to ask him what he thought made the biggest difference for him. Without missing a beat, he said it was Avatar, because it was the most “clean” program he’d taken, meaning that he felt the curriculum was free of contradictions, incorrect assumptions and presumptions, and dogma, among other things. He felt that it had the most profound, lasting impact on his life, and had completed the entire curriculum. Having never seen marketing for Avatar, I asked him where I could take the course and he said that there was a 9-day course in Florida which offered Sections I-III. I wasn’t able to get that kind of time off of work at that point, so I asked if there were any alternatives. He said that he himself could lead me through the first section, ReSurfacing, for $295 and in 2 days. Because I knew and trusted him, I was up for this seemingly unusual arrangement.

The required course materials included a copy of the ReSurfacing workbook, Living Deliberately by Harry Palmer, and a cassette tape, which set me back only $25. I laughed when I saw the cassette, because this was 2009, not 1989, but decided to overlook this one bizarre fact and remain open to the course. I was required to read Living Deliberately prior to beginning the course, and I was surprisingly impressed by its contents and message. It is a massively dense metaphysical read, including the story of Harry Palmer and Avatar, and I had to pause at each paragraph to fully understand and contemplate what was being communicated. This did not strike me as a course for the poorly educated, or for anyone lacking a decent vocabulary.

I went to my friend and Avatar Master’s house for the first day, and we began going through the ReSurfacing checklist, reading passages from both books aloud and doing a variety of exercises. Immediately I was struck by the subject matter. Most of the first day was spent in what my friend referred to as “the aware-will gym.” Each exercise challenged my ability to focus and pay attention more than the next, and I had an epiphany about other programs. Most of them presume that we can direct our attention and focus at will, meaning that we can “think positively” and “think about what we want, not what we don’t want.” But truthfully, not all of us have that skill. I certainly didn’t. And so as uncomfortable, psychologically, as these exercises were for me, I was able to recognize how valuable they were, and how they fill a hole that other programs leave empty.

I was exhausted after that first day, but ready for the second. I returned a couple of weeks later, pleasantly surprised to discover that the exercises were less rigorous (for me) and dealt with issues that were very important to me, like examining limiting beliefs. The one area that kept tripping me up was that to really get the course, I felt that I had to subscribe to the belief that my beliefs create my experiences, and not vice versa. The problem is that my experience until then had been that my experiences create my beliefs, and I was trying not to “believe” anything these programs told me unless I had a direct experience of that thing. However, that originated from another program’s instruction to not believe anything I hadn’t experienced directly. My goodness, this was all starting to get recursive and complicated! So I decided to just “try on” what the program was offering for the purpose of getting the most out of it, a strategy I find most useful when doing this type of work.

In the end I was able to see the value of the program, and it resonated with me while I was doing it. I did not continue to do the exercises, and did not register for Section II or III. My friend invited me enthusiastically but did not pressure me to continue, which I appreciated. Because I did not keep up the work, I did not experience any noticeable long term effects. However, I was able to witness them in my friend, especially in the touching and inspiring interactions he would have with his son. When I commented on this, he attributed his work with Avatar to helping him become such an incredible father, something he had not always had access to. I am interested in continuing on to Section II and III when I am called to do so, because it seems like a program that does have life long lasting positive effects. I would recommend ReSurfacing to anyone who is already open to this type of program.

Duration 2 days
Price $295 + $25 materials
Official Website http://www.theavatarcourse.com/index.php/en/courses/25-section-one.html
Tips for success – Take the time to read Living Deliberately thoroughly
– Do all of the exercises as they are designed
– Practice the exercises at home
Avatar ReSurfacing4.4642857142856Eleanor2010-03-22 22:52:43Early on in my exploration of self development and transformation work, I called a friend who had taken every program known to man, to ask him what he…
-Avatar,ReSurfacing$295 + $25 materialsAvatar ReSurfacingEarly on in my exploration of self development and transformation work, I called a friend who had taken every program known to man, to ask him what he…

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