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Why include a review of a Permaculture course on this site? Permaculture is far more than environmentally sustainable building and growing – it redefines the way that you view problems and their solutions. You are actually reprogramming your brain in a way that incorporates a whole systems approach to challenges instead of just looking at […]

For those familiar with Tom Brown, Jr. and his books on wilderness survival, the way of the scout, and apache philosophy / awareness, you’ve probably heard of his wilderness survival programs known as the Tracker School.  One of his first students, and probably one of the few who received a similar teaching style that Tom […]

My first foray into Men’s Work started when I was 28. I had met some men in my community that were heads and shoulders above the majority of the population in characteristics such as appropriate self-confidence, integrity, awareness, and life purpose. They inspired me to become like them. When I asked a […]