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1. How can I become a contributor and share my experience with a program?

Please use the contact form to submit a short description of yourself along with a list of the programs you’d like to review, as well as any links to reviews you’ve already written, and we will respond to you as soon as we can. Keep in mind that we’re looking for reviews to have one or more of the following qualities:

1. Is the review insightful and does it provide a different perspective than the one already supplied on the page?
2. Does the review address any of the attributes on which we base our ratings?
3. Is the review detailed without revealing trade secrets, patented technology, or content for which the program participant has signed an NDA?

2. I’d like to suggest a program to include on this site. How can I do that and how do you decide what to review?

Please use the contact form to submit name of the program and a link to the official program site. We focus on programs for which there is mainly controversial information online, no religious affiliation, a large number of participants, and most importantly, a program that at least one of the official contributors has personally experienced. We do not review any program unless we have participated in it during the last 5 years, since many of them evolve and change, and we want our reviews to be accurate.

3. Why are there no comments and user reviews on the site?

We thought that it would be most helpful to give people the chance to listen to a trusted voice’s opinion instead of the peanut gallery. The reason for this is that if you look at what’s currently online on other sites, you’ll see that the majority of people commenting about these programs are either those who are complete zealots about the program and unfairly represent it, making it sound like a cult, or those who have never even done the program, and have an irrational fear or hatred of the program, who also misrepresent it and make it sound like a cult. For this reason, only the official site contributors are supplying  reviews.

4. I work for Program X and you have posted information on this site that we feel violates our copyright. Who should I contact?

We do not wish to have any information on the site that is either a legal violation or damaging in any way to the effectiveness of the programs. Please send a detailed message, using the contact form, that clearly identifies the potentially infringing text and if we agree that there is an issue, we will remove it right away and notify you immediately.

5. Do you make money if I sign up for a program?

No. We aren’t commercially involved with any of the organizations and don’t have affiliate links because we don’t feel we can “sell” the programs and be a trusted, unbiased source of information.