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Eleanor Blattel

Eleanor BlattelI began my journey through the world of self-help and transformational programs with Isha Yoga’s Inner Engineering. Within 18 month’s time of that first experience, I had completed over 15 programs, and the exploration has continued since then. I knew I was hooked when it got to the point where I was no longer primarily interested in what I could get out of the programs, I just had to see what they were all about and what  unique perspectives and tools they had to offer. I started spending a lot of time recommending various resources and experiences to friends and acquaintances, and discovered my talent for matching people to the right program, given where they are at in their lives and what they are open to. This site was born out of my passion for sharing this work with anyone who’s ever wondered if there’s something else out there, beyond what we know already, outside the realm of traditional therapy.

Rion Beauregard

I graduated from Claremont McKenna College with a degree in Psychology, and then spent 4 years in San Diego, working for a major Aerospace Engineering Firm managing planning & subcontracts for the US Air Force. My passion and love for the outdoors transitioned me into a 5 year career with Wilderness Youth Project, a Santa Barbara non-profit focused on creating healthy connection and relationship with nature for children and families. After discovering Permaculture, the design science of sustainability, Quail Springs Permaculture Farm became a home base for my learning journey. My passion for sharing these sustainable practices through technology led me to work for Apple, where I trained customers and repaired devices to empower individuals to use their technology more efficiently. Now I am primarily focused on exploring and sharing the global potential for sustainable living, which I am doing through my non-profit organization, Two Years Grow.

Nick Berar

Nick Berar I like to meet people and I value connection. Most of my time is spent with social networking. It is always fun for me to see what synchronistic events will unfold in the mystery and magic of life. I love anything to do with personal growth  – this is my all time favorite topic and personal pursuit as well as my professional endeavor. I’ve participated in more programs than I can count over the past 25+ years. Therefore, sharing on this site meets many of my needs and I am thrilled to have the privilege to contribute. Professionally, I help people resolve personal problems and relationship issues. Also, I provide advanced Facilitator Training and Coaching for other facilitators and healers and practitioners.  For more information, please visit NickBerar.com.

Robert Richman

Robert RichmanI am an online marketer, entrepreneur and coach and have created online strategies and marketing campaigns for Landmark Education, The Anthony J. Robbins companies, Zappos.com, Hollywood Reporter, Billboard Magazine, and many others. A graduate of the Georgetown Leadership Coaching program, I have participated in many self-development programs. It’s my belief that only our own experiences determine what works for us, so it’s best to simply try these programs out.  That said, it can be easy to get carried away. My advice is to see what shows up, and go with what you are guided toward, rather than constantly seeking.  For more information, please visit RobertRichman.com.

Holly Sidell

Holly SidellI believe that as long as it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else, do whatever helps you to become a happier, more fulfilled, better person. If it harmlessly inspires you to transform and remove chaos and suffering from your life, then do it. There are many programs, classes, religions, organizations, and paths out there. I have tried many, and have taken pieces of each with me. I encourage you to do the same; find what feels right to you, and explore it with an open mind and open heart.  Professionally, I am a Holistic Healer who helps you return to health and happiness by seeking out, and then healing, the root cause of why you are unwell – be it spiritual, emotional, or physical. For more information on my services, please visit Coutureforthesoul.com.